The inside scoop on everything vegetarian

We Ate Well is a community for foodies. Our mission is to help you eat
mindfully, joyfully and sustainably on a vegetarian diet.

Publications in this space tend to straddle two extremes - creating a sensory overload of refined carbs in the form of bread, rice and noodles; or on the other hand proposing uninspiring combinations of avocado, greens and quinoa for every meal. But is it impossible to be a foodie, a vegetarian and want to eat healthy all at the same time? We aim to fill the void in between and find that sweet spot by solving this culinary trilemma.


We feature globally inspired healthy recipes and naturally sweetened desserts that are free from refined carbs and sugar, and rooted in flavor. Our recipes are usually moderately low-carb, high-protein and often gluten-free. And always, always, made from whole foods that are naturally satisfying. We provide you with nutritional content (macros) for each recipe so you can make informed decisions about what you eat.

We also bring you insights on food, cuisines of the world, nutritional research and metabolic health as well as occasional product and book recommendations.

Hi, I’m Vasudha!

I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian and a passionate home cook. I left a career in finance and created We Ate Well to redefine being vegetarian and put nutrition back in focus for foodies like me. My cookbook comes out Jan 2023! I hope you enjoy taking this culinary journey with me! Looking back, you’ll know you ate well.

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Vasudha Viswanath
Vasudha Viswanath is the founder of We Ate Well, a community for foodies that brings you the inside scoop on everything vegetarian. Her mission is to help you eat mindfully, joyfully and sustainably on a vegetarian diet.